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Topic: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

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    Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    I'm on my third attempt (DVD) of Emperor to get one that copies to my hard drive correctly. I've noticed that several of you have had similar issues. How did you resolve them? I'm on Mac computers, HALion format, etc. It just seems that there are several files that consistently will not copy or cannot be read (error -36).

    I sure appreciate your help. Thanks!

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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    How old is your dvd drive? Have you tried the disk on another computer or another drive to compare? If your drive is a couple years old it might be having trouble reading the newer dvd-rw disks even though commercial factory disks read ok.

    I hate to say it... but you might just have to bite the bullet and pick up a new drive. It will be worth it in the long run in terms of saved aggravation and possible hassles with other disks down the road. Plus you can get one fairly cheap if you shop around. It doesn't even have to be a very fancy one - you can get a $40 one at CompUSA that would probably be fine.

    Just my thought on the matter.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Thanks for your reply!

    I've tried the DVD on my G4 DP machine (Superdrive), my Powerbook (DVD-Rom drive... wouldn't copy files to the desktop), and I also have a TDK Firewire DVD-Ram drive, about 6 months old, of which has the same results. I'm going to try to take it to a friend's house tomorrow, who works on the PC format, just to see what happens. Talk about a bummer, though! Seems like Mr. Post has had some unreliable duplication, or I'm destined to get the only bad copies of the batch!

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    Lightbulb Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Are you saying you actually got 3 different copies of the library and none of the 3 copy correctly ? If this is so that means you probably have issues with your system.

    Do the same samples refuse to copy every time or are they random ? if they're random you can copy all you can and get the rest of the samples manually one by one and it means you have a problem with your drive, if it's the same samples every time that may mean a bad disk.

    Ttry updating the firmware on your DVD drive (go on the manufacturer of your DVD drive's website, they will have a firmware section for your make and model), this most of the time will resolve the issue, if it doesn't well like the other poster said you should probably go get a newer drive.


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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Yes, three separate copies. The first was damaged at the outer edge during shipment (cracked and the outer layer slightly separated from the rest of the DVD). The second, the DVD was "floating" around in the box and severely scratched. It would only load up to 80% and then give error -36, which I thought was due to the scratches. Now I've received a third copy, in perfect shape, but finds the error in the exact same place. I found someone else's post (a fellow Nashvillian) with the exact same problem with the exact same files. So, I'm guessing it's either in the duplication process or in the actual authoring of the HALion format on the DVD. (?) I've seen several folks in the Kontakt format with issues, and now another in the HALion format, but thought maybe someone figured it out. Concerning the firmware updates, the TDK is completely up to date, and I'll look for the Mac Superdrive and DVD-Rom drive and see what I come up with.

    I appreciate your help! Any other suggestions?

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    Lightbulb Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Quote Originally Posted by levi
    I appreciate your help! Any other suggestions?
    What OS are you using ? if OS9, try using OSX if only just to try and load the samples, the other thing about trying on a pc is a good idea, if that works you can always copy the data from hard drive to hard drive.


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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Thanks for the reply, Franky!

    I'm on OS X. I now know through troubleshooting that it's definitely a disk error. I'm going to try my friend's PC today and see what happens. Who knows.....!

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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Have you tried running the disc thru a DVD cleaner? That has helped me in the past.

    I wish sample vendors would not cheap-out on the packaging. Commercial movie DVDs come in those larger boxes with the secure clamping spindle for a good reason. DVDs (and data CDs) are much more susceptible to scratches and dirt than audio CDs.

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    Re: Still Emperor DVD issues.... alas (sigh)

    Well, a friend of mine with a PC helped me "piece together" the piano this morning from all 3 DVD's and it appears it's working fine. Definitely a "Mac didn't want to work with such a tightly stuffed DVD" issue. I sure appreciate all of your replies and help!!! Many thanks!

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