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Topic: Help needed to connect Sonar and Giga

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    Help needed to connect Sonar and Giga

    Hi I must be really stressed latly if it\'s not one problem it\'s another. Can someone tell me if I have 2 comps what I need to do to rout my sound cards if I have an echo Mia Midi in both machines so that I can play Sonar and Giga? Also can you play the keyboard while Sonar is on and not recording? Or do you actually have to record into it to get a play back of say a midi file? I had both computers working perfectly, minus no playback of midi in Sonar. Now I\'m confusing myself trying to conect both computers so I can start using Giga and Sonar together. One final question how do I get sound from both computers if I only have one set of speakers, or is that not what multiclient means? please tell me what equipment or supplies I would need to have in order for this to work. If it matters Both Comps are brand new P4 and have plenty of RAM and running on XP Pro.

    PS does midi over lan work through internet routing or just one comp next to the other?

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    Re: Help needed to connect Sonar and Giga

    sequencing machine Midi out to Giga machine Midi in

    audio out of Giga machine into audio in of sequencing machine

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    Re: Help needed to connect Sonar and Giga

    Can I use a double sided midi cable from one card to the oher, or do I connect via Spdif cable?

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    Re: Help needed to connect Sonar and Giga


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