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Topic: gs register question

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    gs register question

    Hi everybody!
    Well, seems as if there is nobody left at the tascam support service... maybe here anybody knows: How can I \"re\"-install GS on a new DAW after uninstalling it on the old one? The code won\'t work any more, I suppose. And the product is already registrated on another machine. Hm, how does it work?
    Thanks for the replies!

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    Re: gs register question

    Well yes - no reply. ok, let\'s say it differently: You\'ve installed GS on your computer - you bought a new computer - you did put the same GS on your new computer - did you need to register again or something? Or, can you just install it again without a new registation?
    Anyone knows the answer? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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