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Topic: Wind Sonatas?

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    Wind Sonatas?

    Hello all! I was wondering if someone could suggest the name of any good wind sonatas composed around the Romantic/Post-Romatic era. Any info is appreciated, thank you!

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    Re: Wind Sonatas?

    Do you mean sonatas for woodwinds or brass instruments? Whatever you are looking for, if you go to the sites of Boosey and Hawkes, Breitkopf, Peters, Shirmer and Alphonse Leduc, you should find what you are looking for. If you wish some more specific infos, maybe I can help you.


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    Re: Wind Sonatas?

    Carl Nielsen Wind Quintet . . . it's from 1922, and THE masterpiece of early 20th century wind quintets. Don't let the date scare you, it's very accessible.

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    Re: Wind Sonatas?

    Another piece to recommend is Francis Poulenc's Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (1926). It's very attractive.


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    Re: Wind Sonatas?

    I went to a clarinet recital a couple of nights ago (my wife was accompanying). One of the pieces was a Sonata by Charles V. Stanford, written in 1911 I think. A very lovely piece. The 1st and 3rd movements reminded me strongly of Brahms. The middle movement was based on an Irish lament.

    Speaking of Brahms, his clarinet sonatas are staples of the literature. I recommend them.
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    Re: Wind Sonatas?

    When you say "Sonata" I have to assume you mean solo instrument and piano?
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