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Topic: Cakewalk (midi to wav....tempos???)

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    Cakewalk (midi to wav....tempos???)

    Whenever I convert my midi to a wav, the playback of the tempo never comes out how I want it to. Any way to make this fixed?

    For example, i\'ll set a tempo to 110, and it records that way...but playback as a wav or mp3 file comes out pretty whack.

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    Re: Cakewalk (midi to wav....tempos???)

    Sounds like a 44.1 vs. 48 kHz problem to me - can you elaborate on \"pretty whack\"? Are we talking a 10% error or a 200% error ? Is it just the tempo, or is the pitch also affected? Overall sound quality?

    On a guess, does your hardware support both 44.1 and 48 kHz?


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    Re: Cakewalk (midi to wav....tempos???)

    Well, a constant problem that i\'ve been having is volume. It is always very soft and i don\'t know how to fix it. I mean....I can fix it, but then the audio is crackled and distorted. But Right now I am concerned with tempo. Pitch isn\'t affected, just tempo.

    I don\'t know how to tell if my hardware supports 44.1 vs 48 kHz...
    I\'ll give you some specs on my computer...
    1.3 Gigahertz
    256mb DDR
    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 sound card....

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