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Topic: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

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    Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    When I try to save really BIG GIGs (1.7 GB) the editor locks up when \"Saving Version 2 Info\". It shows all of the samples being saved, saves the (not quite completed) file, shows the Version 2 message and then hangs. Any ideas?

    I\'ve got tons of defragged disk space. 1.5 GB of RAM. This happens 100% of the time when I try to save Kirk Hunter\'s Solo Violin. (I just want to rearrange the patches for my personalized template.)

    My system is Giga 96 v2.54, XP Pro, AMD 2200, Asus A7V8X, 1.5 GB RAM, three big 7,200 RPM drives. I cleaned my system temp drive. In the editor I set the temp drive to a big, nearly empy partition.

    It acts like disk writing is getting blocked. The task manager shows the editor to be \"Not Responding\". The OS is not affected. I can click the \"[X]\", I get a \"this app is not responding\" message, and I can then click the button to end the app. The editor then goes away without delay.

    My work around will probably be to strip the unneeded samples & instruments out of the Gig to make it smaller. But I\'d rather this just work.

    Let me know if you\'ve encountered such a problem and if you have any ideas.


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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor


    I thought I was having this very same problem a little while ago when I was rearranging Garritan Strings. Frustrated, I left it hung and went back to my Mac to work out some DP plugin settings. Some time later, I checked in with my PC, and it had completed!

    Also, you could try allocating more ram to the editor. I\'m sure I had done this quite some time before trying to save any instruments in the editor (I was trying to resolve some other issue, but never reduced the RAM back to its original setting)

    This RAM allocating may have nothing at all to do with your problem - it may not have had anything to do with mine, just thought I\'d mention it.

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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    Just to add another perspective, the Giga editor often appears to be hung because the \"adding version 2\" progress seems stopped for a long while.

    However, it will almost always complete. As long as you don\'t see an actual crash dialog, wait it out.

    For what it\'s worth, Windows XP will say a program is not responding at times when the program is busy for long periods of time. This happens in several music programs.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    Unfortunately it doesn\'t complete. I\'ve left it up overnight a few times, and it was right where I left it in the morning.

    After a quick business trip, I\'ve got a day off. I\'ll see what I can do to get it to work then.

    So Artspoke, how does one allocate more RAM to a specific process? I\'ve got 1.5 GB, and as far as I\'m concerned it can have just about every byte that the OS hasn\'t already taken!

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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    I\'d like to ask a simple favor... Would somebody with XP save a big gig and observe what happens during the \"Saving Version 2 Info\" phase.

    My machine doesn\'t hang, but the process doesn\'t seem to complete either. I\'ve done more optimization, stopped every unnecessary process, and I still don\'t seem to get through the process.

    Here\'s what my machine does:

    * The HD light blinks twice quickly. This repeats at just over one pair per second. It looks to be truly active.

    * Opening the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and viewing the Processes window shows the GSEdit.Exe process taking between 0% and 4% of the processor. It typically bounces between 0% and 2%.

    * Clicking the Performance Tab shows the Handles incrementing at about one handle per second. It counts up 59 handles, then jumps down and starts counting again. (Typically, it counts up from 4392 to 4451.)

    * Clicking the Applications tab shows the editor to be \"Not Responding\".

    I just now happened to notice that my handles stopped counting when the dialup connection on our ICS router computer got reset. Now my HD gives a small blip on the LED once a second. This is what my machine does sometimes when it hangs.

    If the above bullets correspond with what you are seeing on a working machine, then maybe if I disable my network connection before saving the gig, I\'ll survive the session.

    Please let me know if your machine works as I outlined above. And let me know how big the gig is and roughly how long the save takes.

    Thanks a gigazillion!!!

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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    Are you opening the editor from within GS or directly? I have seen this behavior when trying to save large gigs when the editor is opened within GS but have never had any problem if the editor is opened directly.


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    Re: Saving BIG GIGs locks up Editor

    For small gigs I\'ll open sometimes from GS. With something this big, I always do it with GS closed. No need to have all that RAM dedicated to streaming. I\'d rather have it available to the editor. I can try it the other way, but haven\'t since loading the whole gig takes a number of minutes.

    I\'ll give the other way a try. What\'s to lose?


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