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Topic: Performance problems

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    Performance problems

    I loaded a few instruments, and saved the performance. Then I changed my mind, deleted the harp, replaced it with something else, deleted another instrument, replaced it with something else.

    When I load the performance, which only consists of 4 instruments, it loads and deletes all the other instruments I had deleted. So it loads a total of 8 instruments (piling on the RAM light as it goes), but ends up with the final four.

    Also, everytime I re-save the performance, it tells me I am overwriting a performance that was created with an older version of Giga.

    That\'s not true...1.52 is the only version I\'ve had.

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    Re: Performance problems

    Giga saves in a performance also the sounds that you load , but don\'t currently use. This is great because you can acces these sounds with program changes. If you don\'t want them, use the layout button. There you can delete the instruments you don\'t like (Nemesys, there really should be an delete all unused gigs button here!).
    As for the \'older version\' thing. I have the same, don\'t know why. Just click OK, untill it\'s solved (maybe 1.6).

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