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Topic: Mixing with GIGA

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    Mixing with GIGA

    Wanted to see if you guys that use
    Giga can share how you have set up your
    volume levels.
    Do you change the Vol. from midi or from
    the DSP mixer or both?
    Do you adjust your master fader?
    Were do you set your pans?
    Thanks I am new to Giga!

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    Re: Mixing with GIGA


    Congrats on getting into GigaStudio!

    MIDI faders, in GS, or otherwise are simply an overall adjustment to the MIDI data contained in that MIDI channels sequence. For instance, if you play two notes in your MIDI track, one at velocity 128 and the next at 64, then you trim that track\'s MIDI fader to 64, in essence you have just adjusted the velosity information of your two not sequence to 64 and 32, respectively.

    This can be a real time saver when putting together MIDI sequences. You just play parts in, and adjust the overall \"volume\" (actually velocities) of the track afterwards to get that track to fit in the mix.

    This is similar to recording analog audio to anything. The level you get to tape is one concern, while the level to the speakers is another. Just because you only want to hear the flute track very quietly in the background, you still record it with good level to tape. In MIDI world, if you wanted to hear the flute quiettly, you wouldn\'t necessarily play the keys of your controller very softly. More likely, you\'d bang the part out, so as yo use the most of the 128 step range, then pull the MIDI fader down to get the \"volume\" to the right level in the mix.

    The volume faders in the GS DSP Station tab are best used to get good level to \"tape\" - whatever you record to. For instance, as you get through the process of building up a drum sequence, you are constantly playing your heart out on the controller, then adjusting the MIDI faders to get a good mix of the parts as they start to add up. Then, if you wanted to print these parts individually to a tape machine, or ProTolls, or DP - whatever, to mix them over there, you will want to get the best level you can to preserve the integrity of the recording by using the volume faders in the DSP station.

    Since I do much sequencing in conjuction with GS, and all mixing in DP or ProTools, I find these two sets of faders quite helpful. Since it\'s not a perfect world, I sometime have to go back to the MIDI faders to bring up or down a track that can\'t be brought all the way there with the volume faders, but it\'s just one small step, and well worth it in the name of good level!

    Since I\'m performing my final mix in other software/hardware, I usually don\'t mess with the pans, since I might change my mind about them when I\'m finally mixing the whole project down. Leaving them hard left and right for stereo, and up the middle for mono gives me the most freedom later.

    Hope that helps - keep on plugging!


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    Re: Mixing with GIGA

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Mixing with GIGA

    ddk, I set panning in Giga. You should do it this way, because it works like REAL panning. If you use MIDI panning, you are basically just altering the relationship between the left and right signal. So if you pan something full left in MIDI, now only the left channel signal will be heard. If you pan it in Giga, the right signal will be panned to the left instead.

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    Re: Mixing with GIGA

    Hey Simon,
    When you say that you pan in Giga does that
    mean the DSP mixer?
    Do you send all of your orchestra tracks to
    a different DSP mixer track in giga?
    Thanks for the help!!!

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