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Topic: Will GS3 Read GS2.5 files OK?

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    Will GS3 Read GS2.5 files OK?

    I have a pretty fair number of works in progress, using GS2.54. I read in the GS3 instructions that it needs its own machine - i.e. I can't also leave 2.54 intact if I install GS3.

    So, the question is, will GS3 allow me to read the 2.54 projects, or will it mean going back to square one on each setup? The answer will have a huge impact on what i do - and don't - do.


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    Re: Will GS3 Read GS2.5 files OK?

    Gs3 reads the 2.5 .gig files very well -- faster, in fact, than it reads version 3 gig files, and significantly faster than 2.5 reads the same gig files. No problems. The editor can even save 3.0 files INTO 2.5 format, if you ask it to. With 3.04, the patch changes work well too -- that caused a big disruption with existing projects, with the early revision of gs3.

    The only problem remaining in gs3 (for me) is stuck notes when midi information gets too thick.

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