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    Hi everybody. I Am new here. I have listened to many of your pieces and find them very beautiful. I think there are here some wonderful talents. I wish them all the best for their career. I am not yet an owner of GPO, but I will be soon. I am waiting for the promised Advanced version. In the meanwhile I hope nobody is offended if I will put here the links to 3 works of mine, not made using GPO though.


    Thank you.

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    Re: New entry

    Very Nice!! Welcome aboard!!

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    Hi, Leonardo - -

    On behalf of the other fine folks on this Forum, welcome! You'll find it's quite a convivial and helpful bunch of people.

    One word of advice: Don't wait for the Advanced version. We understand that there will be an "upgrade path" which will not cost you much difference so you should proceed with GPO "standard" as soon as you can and then apply the Advanced as an upgrade. We're pretty sure that the general methods of the Advanced version will be pretty compatible with what we all know and love in GPO/standard so you'll get a nice headstart.

    Gary -- correct me if wrong!

    my $0.02 -- KevinKauai

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    Re: New entry

    I agree with Kevin

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    Re: New entry

    Ok, thank you! I will follow your suggestion.

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