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Topic: Getting things to work

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    Getting things to work

    I'm having these really annoying problems. Currently I'm using a single PC with both Gigastudio 3 and Cubase SX 2. The problems I have is many, but foremost of all is that I cannot seem to squeeze enough polyhony out of gigastudio. I keep coming back to Halion and using that instead

    The machine I'm using is pretty good - a 3 ghz P4 with hyperthreading, 2 gb winbond original ram running in dual mode, and 2 x 80 gb sg barracuda harddrives in Raid-0 configuration. It's all tied together with a Gigabyte GK-8IK1100 motherboard using I875 chipset (not so good mo-bo, but still decent). Gigastudio is fed into cubase using rewire, but no reverb is used on the sounds at this time. Also, the virtual memory in windows is turned off. Turning it on does nott change this, however.

    Now, I've been doing a big band arrangement here and if I play one - only one - part of the song - say all 4 trumpet parts at once - I get these massive clicks and pops and dropouts, system glitches and all kinds of signs of that my CPU is works its butt off. Right now I'm using Dan Dean solo brass for the horn parts and the parts are not using any sequential data such as increasing or decreasing modulation, pitch bend, expression .. nothing like that at all. The same goes for strings, for which I usually use VSL Opus 1. I can play about 4-6 parts in parallel but no more.

    I am using 16 bit 44 khz on all things, the memory in gigastudio is 35% used, the voices peaks at 64 when playing 4 parts, no fx whatsoever in Gigastudio, and no things such as unexpected doubling, or feedback routing problems, or processes taking up CPU power. When Idle, the CPU is working about 10-15% according to the meters in cubase and GS. I'm quite knowledgable in the PC and windows system and I've spent a good deal of time this last year looking through the system and trying alot of different things, but not much is changing. I know a computer of my model should a juice enough for more, but I keep coming back to using Halion, loading the Gig-files into it. I never have a problem if I do that - no latency and I can play the entire big band straight off without even a single glitch in the sound reproduction, and that's along with using about 5 different reverb plug-ins as well.

    My soundcard is a very simple one: Hoontech DSP 24 (about $150 retail price), and it does share IRQs with the network interface. I've been working for weeks to try to get it its own IRQ, re-locating it to a different PCI, settings things in BIOS, installing windows xp without ACPI, turing on and on other parts that needs IRQs, yanking things out of the computer and putting them back in .. but it just doesn't seem possible to get the soundcard its own IRQ. This could be a problem, but I doubt this is the entire problem of not getting more voices out of Gigastudio.

    I have to assume that the rendering process in gigastudio is much more demanding on the system that halion is, correct? Separate machines for Gigastudio only would maybe work, but I need to save up for that. I know for example gigant Hans Zimmer uses a stack of about 20 separate PCs entirely dedicated for running gigastudio only, all controlled from a mac platform. If he can get it to work on 20 PCs, I should be able to get it to work on at least one

    Also, in short, what degrading factors does the halion perform on the Gig-files when you load them into Halion and convert them into Halion format? I know Halion is a fine program to use, but still Gig-files are not primarily aimed towards halion use.

    If someone would feel like just floating out a few opinions of what I'm describing and things what would be useful for me (and surely there are others in the same dilemma) it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Getting things to work

    > and 2 x 80 gb sg barracuda harddrives in Raid-0 configuration

    That's it? Or do you have another drive for the OS/Apps?

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    Re: Getting things to work

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    > 2 x 80 gb sg barracuda harddrives in Raid-0 configuration.. do you have another drive for the OS/Apps?
    No. Those two are it. The system and samples are all on this partition. I figured a SATA (forgot to mention, they are SATA drives) raid-0 system would be fast enough to provide both system and audio need. The Sata Raid-0 has an I/O speed of about 150 mbps, so it's about 3 times faster than regular single ATA or SATA drives.

    But you've got a point there .. hmm ...
    Kid: When I become an adult I wanna be a musician.
    Parent: Son, you cannot become both.

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    Re: Getting things to work

    Well, if you can make it work with halion in the same computer, then the problem is not your system, the problem is Gigastudio itself. Have you tried all the tweaks recommended by Tascam? Have you tried a clean install?

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    Re: Getting things to work

    Does sound like the hard disks, to me -- but this is just a guess. Gigastudio should perform far better given your system specs.

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