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Topic: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

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    Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry if this is a worn-out topic, but all key Orchestral libs are now ported to all popular Sample engines, and such significant change the past few years with so many more options.

    I had someone new to soft synths ask my comments/suggestions on whether or not it made sense to obtain all libs on one Sampler. If so, what Sampler would I suggest and why? I still buy GS/Kontakt because I have both and am familiar with both. But for somebody just starting out, I couldn't really answer with confidence and would appreciate your comments/opinions.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    The NI Kompakt could be a good start imho, also Vsampler (www.vsampler.com) is a nice sampler. Both read most formats available.

    Using Kontakt would be the major choice once one have to do tweaks with the VI libs as East West ones.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    Kontakt 2 seems like it could be promising and with the power to be able to use not only EWest's current V.I. Libs but some other librairies, I think that Kontakt will remain a powerful sampler.

    I do not have as much experience with GS3, so I cannot comment on that.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    One small amendment to Lees post.

    Vsl's Horizon line, is also Kontakt and Halion (the new kid starting to make some waves) compatible.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    just read the "high end" portion of your comment Lee. That'll teach me to speed read and post.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    And just to complicate things, Gary comes along with his Solo Stradivari Violin lib. I believe that this is a custom engine that doesn't run inside any standard sampler.

    Personally, I like working in a single platform with lots of libs to choose from. Giga has been the leader in that for some time, but with all of the NI standalone libs (GPO, EWQLSO...) and reasonable Kontakt support by other players, AND the new interface and other features of Kontakt 2.0, I would take a serious look at that as a first platform.

    For me, I remain in the Giga camp. I don't make money off of music, so I can't justify large investments. K2 isn't in the cards, since I already own GS3.

    Just last night I played live at a jam session and was 100% GS3. GigaPulse sounded great, latency was low and reliability was perfect. I have no reason to change. I just wish that GPO (which I own) was compatible, as well as the various EWQL libs. Then again with Kontakt, I wouldn't have been playing Larry Seyer's drums in the Big and Beefy room.

    The next sample player I'll likely get will be Gary's Morpher, but probably not until the entire quartet is released, and maybe not until other solo instruments are available. But I'm pretty sure I'll be playing that some day.

    The K2 features over Giga aren't significant enough for me to justify buying another sampler. But the benefits of the morphing technology are.


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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    Once you start playing around with GigaPulse, it really changes the sample playback to a significant degree....It seem's like everyone is comparing their product to Giga....When companies do this, they do for good reason ...It's a good format or has GREAT sounds, or it's a universal format that a lot of library developers support ... I think the Kompakt players comming with the GPO material is a great idea, and they sound great with not much investment..Upgrading to Kontakt is even a better jump up the ladder if you go the N.I. route....I'm not sure how well Kontakt 2 is going to work, and I'm not sure that too many other people do either ... Hopefully it will work out to be a good platform ... However Giga 3 is already here, and really sounds incredible with with GigaPulse.... From what I am told, Giga also run's much more efficiently than the other Samplers... Giga3 is my first software sampler, but I have done PLENTY of research ...I'm learning Giga, and PC at the same time so it's a bit of a learning curve, but the rewards are worth it ....Also from what I'm told, it's easier to get started with the N.I. samplers...
    Since I am basically in the same boat as your friend, I bought GS3, and also bought the East West Gold package with the Kompakt engine, so I will also try that out to see how I like the way Kompakt works.... Ease of use is also important.... I think in most cases just about everybody ends up with a couple of different samplers in their systems anyway, so I don't think that your friend would have a bad choice in whatever you tell him to buy ....It's your call....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    The problem with Giga is (I believe) you need a seperate dedicated PC. If you are using an Apple and you are a higher end user, perhaps that is not a big impediment.

    I you are a PC user home studio type, I think using a VSTi like Kontakt (or a less expensive alternative like Kompakt or VSampler), is preferable, all else being equal.

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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    I don't think this is a worn out topic at all. I'm so confused by all the choices these days. "Plug-in", Stand-alone, GS, Kontakt, Halion, ect.ect.ect.

    I just know that I did a movie a while back and I use GS and a hardware sampler. The gigasapler stood out as being very natural and live sounding. I've since turned off the hardware sampler.

    The plugin Kompakt sounds good which means that the Kontakt 2.0 release is going to be mind blowing in my opinion. And, I heard Logic's sampler and it smokes too.

    So what I'm doing is stocking up on PC's and investing in a screaming fast mac in the future 'cause I think it's going to be a multi format world for a few years to come.



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    Re: Sampler Trends: Your Opinion Please

    I have been a GS user for some years now. Most of my libraries are in GS format. I am a hobbyist, running just one PC.

    However I also have GOLD and Stormdrum, and have ordered GOLD Pro and will order Symphonic Choirs and possibly RA. IMHO, increasingly all the exciting libarary content is moving toward VSTi samplers ... and for this reason I will be investing in Kontakt 2.

    I like the convenience of VSTi's and for this reason will probably veer towards Kontakt versions of libraries in the future ... (if Kontakt 2 proves to be as powerful as promised.)

    So I would recommend Kontakt 2, if I were just starting out.

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