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Topic: vocal pitch correction software

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    vocal pitch correction software

    Hi, has anyone used the Antares Autotune or a clone or similar purposed software with Cubase VST and if so how did you find it? Was it worth the $400.00? Is this the only kind of software out there that does the job of correcting small variances of pitch in a recorded vocal track?

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    Re: vocal pitch correction software

    I\'ve seen autotune used, and it works great. It looked a little complicated when the guys first opened the panel, but everything in front of you makes sense once it\'s explained, and is really quick to use and trim.

    The main thing about it is that you can\'t tell it\'s been used unless you get silly with the controls (Cher/Madonna/everyone else).

    It\'s not worth $400 if you don\'t do much in terms of vocals, or if your vocalist is 100% on pitch, but if you work with lots of vocal tracks of varying quality, I\'d recommend it.

    You could probably use \'Celemony\' fromr Melodyne to do the same thing, but it\'d be slower as it\'s main aim in life is to give you midi \'key editor\' style control over solo audio material.

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    Re: vocal pitch correction software

    I seem to remember reading in the QLRI liner notes that Nick Phoenix used one to tune the Duduk which is a microtonal instrument.

    Perhaps send him a message.


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