I\'m fineally going to update my computer in a month\'s time, and since winxp support is now available for both gigastudio160, logic audio 5 and pulsar2, I thought maybe I should delete the win98se partition from my harddrive once and for all...

If anyone who has this software setup (or at least uses logic audio and gigastudio simultaniously), could tell me about the difference in performance, it would be appreciated a lot! I guess there will be quite a performance drop going from win98se, which is a very \"bare-bone\" system, to winXP which has much more graphics and other \"computer-ignorant\"-friendly stuff. :-)
Then again the winXP has better file handeling, which should help.
Also, is there more latency in winxp than win98se?

Up until now, I have used a small utility called prcview, that could change the priority of the msg32.drv driver. That way, gigastudio occupied much less recources, when run simultaniously with logic audio (with audio tracks, effects, audio instruments like b4 etc..).
(This works much better than the sequencer priority utility inside gigastudio160.) Is it possible to change driver priorities like this in winxp in any way?

The computer I have now doesn\'t work properly anymore, I get lots of \"glitches\" in the sound when using logic audio and gigastudio together, so it\'s very difficult to do some comparisons on my own between operating systems.

I now have an amd tbird 1.33ghz with 768mb 133ddr-ram, and I\'m going to buy a 2.8ghz p4 with 1gb ram. (I use seperate fast scsi hds for gigs and audio.)

I know this is a lot of questions, but some help would be greatly appreciated!