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Topic: Giga shuts down with new sounds

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    Giga shuts down with new sounds

    If someone would be so kind to answer/direct to a solution for why Giga freezes and gives an error sign when trying to load some new sounds.I just got KHSSS and am anxious to use them but they dont load yet---all my other sounds(Garritan, acous ess. etc.) load fine.
    P4 2.56
    1 gig
    Layla sound card
    2 80 gig drives xp home
    Thank You

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Cant copy files to hard drive--some did but most didnt. I got an error{cylic redundancy check). They copy almost 85-90% complete and then freeze. Whats wrong with my computer?

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    That could be a Hard drive mecanical problem, if you have another hard drive try it, if not, download the demo version of HALion and test it, if you can\'t convert from the CD-ROM that\'s because your CD or CD-ROM are dirty or malfunctioning

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Thanks for the reply,
    How is it that Garratin loads ok, all the nemesys stuff, acoustic essentials, Disk 5 of KHSS but not the other disks? I\'ve had no problem at all until KHSS. But I did as you suggested and am waiting for an email to get Halion demo.

    In addition, I just put in another disk and it reads and loads fine-but put in disk 7 of KHSS and I cant even view thr properties of viola 2 without it freezing out and need to reboot.I think its corrupted files but I\'m not a computer person. I\'d appreciate some help or where to go for it

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    First run ScanDisk on your hard drive Start->Programs->Accessories->SystemTools->ScanDisk. Choose the \"thorough\" test. This will take some time to complete.

    You may have a bad CD or a bad CD-ROM drive. Is it always the same disk that gives you the problem? As enb141 says, try cleaning your CD (water and dry with cotton cloth in stokes out from the center).

    If your HD checks out and it is the same CD, call KH for a replacement. Let us know.

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Try this on another system to see if it\'s the media, or your CDrom drive. That\'s the easiest thing I can suggest to you.


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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Thanks very much,

    It was the cdrw not liking the particular media. I made a copy on Memorex cd on another computer and all worked well.

    Thanks again--I have some generic Atapi cdrw-52/24/52 on this new computer and it doesn\'t like certain media evidently.

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Thanks for giving this some attention. I ran check disk( I guess xp home dosent have a scandisk per se) and it came up ok. When I try to load the khs sounds the system reacts and sometimes it seems like a full copy will happen to about 85% complete and then an error of cant load- cyclic redundancy check-- whatever that is . The system is frozen until I eject the cd and then restores.As soon as these khs cds go in the system gets touchy. I managed to load vln light and sure like it but thats it.

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    Re: Giga shuts down with new sounds

    Originally posted by Ken Roche:
    error of cant load- cyclic redundancy check-- whatever that is.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Just so you know, a CRC is a mathematical algorithm used to verify that data is copied exactly from one point to another. The CRC algorithm take a block of binary data, in this case the data on the CD, and generates a unique number for that data based on the particular CRC algorithm. The CRC value resides on the CD itself and is also calculated by the computer based on the data it received from the CD drive. If these numbers do not match after the copy, an error is flagged - like the one you got. CRCs are used everywhere in the digital world. The digitized voice data that leaves your cell phone carries CRCs for itself so the receiving equipment can verify and even correct bit errors. Interesting ha? Maybe not.

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