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Topic: Posting "compositions"

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    Angry Posting "compositions"

    I'm signing off of this forum. This whole thing has been a monumental waste of time.
    Nothing with the product, which is insanely great (especially for the price).
    I just should not have thought I could pull this stuff off. Hearing how good the "newbies" are and how bad my stuff is (after 34 years of playing music), I realize I just am not gonna cut it. I was thinking of going through all the tutorials and reworking this stuff to maybe get it to sound decent, but I don't think it's worth the time and trouble.
    Having said all that, I would like to know how to post a couple of things. Not that they're worth a damn, but there might be a couple of little melodic things that someone can use. I also have some 20 minute long things, but I assume they're too long to post.
    Anyway, I looked at FAQs and there was no info. I tried to "Search" but got nothing.
    I'm sure it must be obvious, but I can't find the info.
    Sorry to trouble you guys with this.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    Many of the "newbies" have some training under their belt....perhaps you just need to work with a composition instructor for awhile.
    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    You need to have an online place to put your demo recordings -- something like soundclick.com or your own web site or one of many others. Look at where those who have posted here place their compositions. And don't give up -- getting a decent computer recording is many steps away from composing -- and those steps are not necessarily in a positive direction from any artistic standpoint.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    rage, I think you're being much to hard on yourself. As someone who is lackluster as well, I realize that in myself and dream to become better at making music work for me. You should look within, not without, for inspiration and keep in mind that you've only got yourself to please. If you desire to make music, don't get frustrated at failed attempts. Keep at it. Keep working towards that goal. You're only hurting yourself by clamming up this creative outlet. Realize that your music, is for you. No one can take that away from you, why take it from yourself.

    Never give up. If you want someone to talk to about it, I'm always available for a private chat with a friend. Others here would also be glad to do the same. There's some knowledeagle people here that if you asked, would surely be happy to give you guidance in these things. Never lose hope and always work towards your dream.

    Stay with us my friend. And like I said, I'm here if you'd like to have a chat and someone to listen and give guidance.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    Thanks for your kindness. Good luck in your future efforts. I don't think anyone should waste their time on this. Sorry to bring it up. GPO is a totally awesome product. 'Bye.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    Well, I don't feel it a waste of time. Please reconsider, but for no-one but yourself. I can't convince you to, but hopefully, you'll give it some time and some thought. This world is built of folks who dream.

    Contact me anytime. Seriously.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    How upsetting. I'm going to be down on this all day now.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    I have just written a reply in my newbie-thread. Please read! Don't quit!!! Even if there may be newbies that could put something together you like more than perhaps your own works... we all are here to help each other to learn more and become better in what we are doing... ask around a lot, and I am sure everyone here will tell you as much as he knows about making music - so you could learn and try on your own...

    And if you are doing music for 30 years, whoaaa, then you must have thousands of ideas collected... take a single 4 stave/beat/system? (don't know english word for it (should means 'Takt' (have to look that up))), of a melody you like - copy it a view times than underly it or play around with it, using some other instruments - instant gratification! Its not that difficult and you don't have to be Bach or Beethoven to do that!

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    I use soundclick.com, as that seems to be pretty popular with other members. It's also pretty easy to use.

    I know how you feel - there are a lot of talented people on this site and it is easy to be intimidated when listening to their demo pieces. Why not post anyways, and hopefully get some feedback from the more experienced folks. Some people probably have more experience than you realize, whether it be piano study, years in a school orchestra or jazz band, etc.

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    Re: Posting "compositions"

    Sorry guys. I was way out of line. It's not your problem, but only mine. I don't have the right to inflict my own depression on others, espcecially such kind-hearted folks such as yourselves. This forum is great. (Do you know how badly I would be "flamed" for such whiney stuff on the Cakewalk forum? Man!). I sincerely apologize. Please don't waste anymore time on "poor me". How embarassing. Maybe someday I'll be back. Until then, I know that you will continue to develop as will GPO and everyone else. Sorry. Adios.

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