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Topic: New computer advice needed...

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    New computer advice needed...

    Hello, I have very little knowledge when it comes to computers & need advice, comments or suggestions on this configuration I'm considering having built. Does this look like a good choice & setup for using mainly GS3, VSL & Sonar??
    Issues, compatibility etc??...Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Carl

    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard:
    Form Factor: ATX/Socket 478
    Chipset: Intel 875P MCH/Intel ICH5R
    Memory Type: PC2100-PC3200 DDR
    Max CPU: Pentium 4 EE 3.4
    Max Memory: 4gb GB
    Memory Slots: 4
    AGP: 8x
    # PCI: 5
    Onboard Items: USB2/Audio/LAN/1394
    Hard Drive Support: 3xUDMA133/4xSATA RAID

    Intel Pentium4 800 FSB 3.2 GHz

    4GB Memory: OCZ PC3200 Perf. DC - 2x 1024mb Ram (2x)

    Promise FastTrack SX4000 RAID5 ATA

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    Re: New computer advice needed...

    Looks very good -- except the onboard audio will probably not be useful to you, and you'd need a decent audio card.

    You might also consider two 2-gigabyte computers rather than 1 4-gigabyte computer -- for gigastudio, 2 gigs seems about as much as can be used at present. Also consider how many disks (eg., 3: a 40gig for system, an 80 gig for sonar files and gigapulse, and a 200?? for samples). Also consider noise -- where will the computer be? If close to you, then the power supply should be quiet and you might invest another $30 in a quiet cpu cooler, and pick quiet disk drives.

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    Re: New computer advice needed...

    Thanks gugliel, how goes it? I'm thinking about the 40G Raptor
    As for other drives I'm already using ATA 7200's / 40G main/ 5- 120's/ 250/ 300.
    The power supply is an Enermax 460W Whisper.
    The fan is a Vantec AeroFlow2 P4 VP4-7245 CPU Cooling/ heatsink 4000RPM
    Noise level: 35 dB / a Lian-Li PC60 case.
    By the way I checked out your music at SC, great writing & compositions, very cool.. Alot of work I imagine having just started with GS3/VSL.
    Also the problem I had with the banks switching in Sonar is a bug in GS3V.1 ; after I installed the update it worked fine. Unfortunatley it took about a week to figure that out!..Carl
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    Re: New computer advice needed...

    Sounds like you'll have a great giga computer. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music too!

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