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Topic: Gigastudio problem

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    Gigastudio problem

    I\'m trying to get gigastudio 2.5 to work with Cubase and an audio editor in one box. I don\'t need to run all of them at once, but my main problem is getting to record my MIDI that is playing giga samples and recording it in Cubase. Those who use one pc, how do you do your giga recordings?

    My soundcard is a echo gina. I do not know if I understand this correct, but do I need real wires going from the output of the gina back into the input? Right now I have cubase set up with inputs 1+2 and outputs 1+2. I gave the outputs 3+4 to gigastudio, but now I can\'t hear any sound. (I am using a headphone into the phones jack)The only way I can hear anything is if I give giga the outputs 1+2. What am I doing wrong? [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    I appreciate any advice and help.

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    Re: Gigastudio problem

    Try setting gigastudio in ouputs 1,2 and then use that ones as inputs in Cubase and use 3,4 as outputs.

    Yes, you need an external cable to route at least that what I think with your sound card, if you had a creamware you can wire it by software so in that way you don\'t need external wiring [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Gigastudio problem

    Use the \"Record to wave\" feature in Giga and then import the wave files into cubase on a new audio track. Sounds strange, but that\'s how it works. I do do this in one box all the time. Just don\'t have all kinds of other vst stuff running on other tracks. You do not need to externally wire your sound cards outs to ins.

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    Re: Gigastudio problem

    Patrick is most correct - here are your Cubse (SX) settings: Midi from SX to Gigastudio

    I usually set the files to export directly to my project audio folder, so that I can import them into the pool without a hitch.

    There may be some trick with starting up the record to wave function mid-song - something to do with SX transmitting Continue or Start mid-song. I\'ve not had to deal with it yet, so I cannot provide clarity on that point. BUt, this should give you enough to get some good traction.

    BTW, be sure that you\'re writing out your wave files to the deepest bit depth you can manage - and remember that if you use true tape (assuming you\'re using SX) then you\'ll be converting the files as you import them into your pool.

    Good luck.

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