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Topic: GPO3

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    I've heard a lot of buzz re: GPO3. Does anyone know what is in the offing? When it will be available?

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    Re: GPO3

    I think Gary should just skip GPO 3 and go right to GPO 7.
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    Re: GPO3

    @Shazbot Yeaaah, who need that old crap... gimme GPO 7 with that new included little 3D-People playing and running with their instruments all over the screen, with 87-channel-surround sound for all these little speakerboxes placed all over the room and the magical digital conductor wand - swinging it in front of your monitor and the computer is doing all what you want

    I think we are at the moment near to GPO 2 (don't know if GPO 2 is an update to be released soon or the previus update released last year - hope for another update ). There is an additional GPO Advanced i think, and a GPO Light.

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    Re: GPO3

    GPO2 already exists. GPO2 is the free update of the original GPO and it is currently available. Soon there will be GPO Advanced, though I'm not sure that would be considered "GPO3".
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