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Topic: Logic 5 with exs giga files

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    Logic 5 with exs giga files

    Hi ! (I Work on on a PC P4 2.5Ghz)

    Any one know how to trigg giga files stored on another HD from EX24S.

    The problem is when I have converted giga files in in EXS24 format, than I have the new sample files + exs 24 prgs in Logic folder (sampled instruments).

    So that I trigg my main HD.

    How to tell EXS24mkII I want it to trigg the converted files from another HD ?


    Best regards.


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    Re: Logic 5 with exs giga files

    If I understand you correctly -

    I don\'t think you can have the same samples on 2 different drives or folders for Logic. If you do, everytime you open a program in the EXS, it will pop up and ask you which one that you would like to use. I would just make sure all EXS samples and instruments are in one place. You don\'t have to tell Logic where they are, it will search for them when you try and load a patch.

    Also, when you convert a Gig in EXS, you can delete the actual .gig file after to save space.

    Hope that helps - Jeff

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    Re: Logic 5 with exs giga files

    Thanks !

    I\'ll try that !

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