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Topic: large trombone sections

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    large trombone sections

    hey, guys!
    I'm a big fan of large trombone sections, but GPO only comes with three trombones. Is there any way of somehow altering, say, trombone player 1 so that is doesn't phase with the origional trombone player 1?


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    Re: large trombone sections

    As long as they aren't playing unison notes, you could arrange your passage in such a way that you end up with 7 trombones.

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    Re: large trombone sections

    I see where your coming from, but I was refering to unison trombones. I like the power in a six trombone section in unison during a big climax, like in the overture to William Tell with the trombones echoing the falling strings and woodwinds. (Are you familiar with that peice?)


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    Re: large trombone sections

    Try this...

    TBone Plr 1
    TBone Plr 2
    TBone Plr 3
    TBone Solo AG
    TBone Overlay
    TBone Overaly AG

    I didn't hear any phase distortion when playing as unison. Course, I'm half deaf now.

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    Re: large trombone sections

    I didn't think of that.

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