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Topic: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

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    Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    Hallo everybody!
    I think about an upgrade GS 2.5 96 to GS3 Orchestra especially for Vienna Giga Symphony, included free with it. So, I,d like to ask you for more details about this library - articulations, dynamics etc. Are the instruments and programs differential enough? Is it really complete and useful orchestra?
    How would you compare its functionality to, for example, Advanced Orchestra Set (Siedlaczek), Symphonic Orchestra Silver (East West) or Garritan Personal Orchestra ?

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    Red face Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    I do not have the ones you are mentioning, only Garitan's Lite version. My comments therefore may not be interesting for you. However, I use now exclusivly the Vienna samples which came with GS3 Orchestra. The samples are limited and you have to work harder to get a good performance, but the,quality of the basic sound is FAAAR better than I had before. Some of this, actually a good chunk of it, is because of Gigapulse. What I said so far is about the strings. The rest of the orchestra is just reasonable. I do not use all the Vienna orchestra, because some (oboe,harp,flute) I have other samples which are better to my ear.
    All in all, you will be pleased I am sure if you upgrade, just as I was when I upgraded from GS160 to GS3 Orchestra. Expect some initial problems and read this forum, especially advice from J. Fairhurst. His suggestions are always practical and very much to the point.
    Good luck,

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Vanya
    I do not use all the Vienna orchestra, because some (oboe,harp,flute) I have other samples which are better to my ear.
    Well, I thought that I can expect rather high quality samples from 6 GB library of Vienna, even it's free.
    The upgrade costs 299 EUR. I can have Symphonic Orchestra Silver or Garritan Personal Orchestra for 249 EUR.
    I'm interested first of all in orchestral sounds.
    Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    The articulations are basically sustain and staccato samples for most instruments. The programming is very basic. The harp is basically the same at all velocities. The sound quality is quite good for what is there. The sustain strings do not have much vibrato and sound strange to me.

    There is no comparison to the programming as in GPO. GPO is very playable when it comes to the basic samples. They have have flex envelopes to change the attacks depending on velocity and include legato mode. Percussive type sounds have multiple velocity layers and also have filtering between the layers which removes the jumps between velocity layers. GPO also includes quite a few instruments that are not included in the GS3 version.

    Another consideration, GPO is quite light on resources needed and you can usually do a full orchestration on 1 machine. It can be used as a plugin VST in a host sequencer. This allows you to load the instruments with your sequence.

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    The VGS samples sound great. They are all of excellent quality. The articulations are somewhat limited though. The instruments cover all of the usual orchestral players, but not secondary stuff.

    GPO is more complete, but does not provide a great upgrade path. With Giga you can always add that next instrument. For instance, there are free gigs available that are really great - especially for percussion. And check out BelaMedia's group buy for Diva. What a value!

    If you want to make one purchase and spend no more money down the road, get GPO. It's especially good for traditional orchestral music. If you want the option to upgrade later, want to play piano live, and want a bigger sound, get Giga.

    I've got both, and I reach for Giga. But I own a small number of additional libs, and have downloaded a number or free samples over the years. Also, my tastes include orchestral, but I branch out as well.

    In short GPO is the best solution for the near term, and Giga is the best for the long term. Also, GigaPulse is stunning. I don't own Silver, so I can't compare it to the others.

    Here are a couple of VGS pieces that I happen to have on line...

    Both were done quick and dirty - especially the first, but they give an idea of what sound you can get from GS3 using only VGS and GigaPulse without spending much time at all.

    For comparison, here's something I cranked out quickly in GPO using strings.

    There is no wrong choice.


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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    The VGS samples sound great, but I would classify them as a "teaser" set for the Vienna Symphonic Library product line.

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    Thank you, Jon.
    Your opinions and examples discribe well everything I wanted.
    But, I also think about Advanced Orchestra (Siedlaczek). It would be very useful with my Pulsar cards and STS sampler, which works like hardware (thanks to DSP's) and import Akai S1000 format excelently. Maybe it compares poorly to GS (disk streaming and key dimensions not supported), but is 100 % stabile, and I can load 6-7 of them (each 16 MIDI ch, 64 polyphony) on my system (12 DSP's) without CPU use - it's really amazing in a software world.
    Advanced Orchestra is an old library, but, as I noticed, is still useful and very popular. Maybe in my configuration it'd be better choice.
    What do you think about AO ?

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    I haven't used AO myself, but the configuration you describe would lack GigaPulse, which would be a shame.


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    Re: Vienna Symphonic Library in GS3

    ... and Gigapiano 2. Yes, I know.
    So, it seems that upgrade to GS3 would be the best choice for me. If it won't give me satisfaction, I can always convert its library to STS. And when CreamWare will implement GSF2.0 I'd be able to use Giga Puls with everything I want.

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