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Topic: quicksound confusion

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    quicksound confusion

    I\'m trying to install a 2 disk library with a gi! set of files and I can\'t get to the quicksound tree - how do I open it?
    Tom - who feels this is his stupidest question yet.

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    Re: quicksound confusion


    there are no stupid question, only stupid answers - hopefully this is not one of them!

    If you right-click down in the lower-left portion of the GS workstation window - on the little picture icon of a computer and probably the words \"local sampler\" - you will be given two quicksound library update options. I usually update the whole library since it doesn\'t take very long, and keeps me from having to remember what samples I\'ve loaded into my computer from CD\'s.

    Also, is \"Gi!\" a typo in your post? If not, this reply is probably useless!


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    Re: quicksound confusion


    It must be getting late, I\'m double posting all over!

    Anyway, it really doesn\'t make any difference where you copy the GS instrument files - if you first use windows to copy the instruments to somewhere on some hard drive in your computer, then launch GS workstation, then right-click on \"Locl Sampler\" in the lower left portion of the screen, and select \"rebuild entire quicksound database\" it will look everywhere, and find all the GS instruments in your system, and add tem to your available samples list (aka quicksound library)

    Hope that helps in some way,

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