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Topic: Best Keyboard Controller for Software Insts?

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    Best Keyboard Controller for Software Insts?

    Please can any of you advise me as to the best midi/usb controller for software instruments, - preferably with a keyboard - I use Logic. I like the look of the Korg Microkontrol.....anybody use this? Is it easy to set up templates for other plugins like the Sony Oxford EQ and MD3 mastering running on the Powercore?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Best Keyboard Controller for Software Insts?

    korg is coming out with the Kontrol 49 (pads. knobs. sliders, 49keys..no aftertouch)...Novation Remote 49 or 61: aftertouch, 49 or 61 keys knobs, sliders, buttons, touchpad, x-y joystick (mod and pitch but assignable).

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    Re: Best Keyboard Controller for Software Insts?

    Not a cheap solution, but the Kurzweil 2600s (2500s also) have a huge assortment of available controllers - sliders, buttons, and 2 ribbon controllers, including the short ribbon that's perfect for adding hand-played real-time live vibrato. You can create setups to match any VSTi or library imaginable.
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    Re: Best Keyboard Controller for Software Insts?

    take a look at forthcoming Alesis Photon controlers. They have a unique xyz light controller -- so it is like a 3D touchpad
    and it doubles as audio interface as well

    watch it in action at:

    and Korg video at:


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