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Topic: mp3-format question

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    mp3-format question

    I was wondering something... my audio card reads only on 48 khz. If I convert a 48 khz wav file to a mp3, will it be transposed and slower if a 44.1 khz audio card reads it? Or doesn\'t it matter?
    So, do I have to convert to 44.1 khz before tranforming the file to a mp3? Does anyone knows this?

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    Re: mp3-format question

    The mp3 codec has many options which govern the size and sound of the file generated from some uncompressed data format when converted. Without getting technical, I would recommend just trying it, and listening. If it does alter the pitch in a way you do not find acceptable, you will be able to tell, 44.1 to 48 kHz is a sizeable jump, so the error will be very easy to recognize.


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