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Topic: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

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    Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    One should be able to get this for under $550. right? Also I\'m going to need 4 of \'em so maybe that\'ll give me a small break on the price. Anyone?

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    Get the lowest price you can on the first, then contact Tascam about additional machine licenses. I don\'t recall the price, but I seem to remember that the discount on the second machine is significant.

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    I bought my GS96 here:


    I thought it was a very good deal.

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    If by any chance, you were considering the Garritan Orchestral Strings library, you can buy it in a bundle with Gigastudio 160 for $1099


    This means you get GS 160 for $204

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    Does anyone know of a source, other than Tascam, for buying a 96 to 160 upgrade?

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    GS 160 - bought mine for $479...free shipping..


    Do a search for Gigastudio..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Lowest price for GigaStudio?

    Hey Guys

    Thanks, I\'ll be checking these links out sometime today. Unfortunately I wasn\'t really thinking of Gary\'s strings. I was more thinking about VSL with a side dish of Sonic Implants \'cause I really need to get an orchestra going first.

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