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Topic: gs vs hardware sampler

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    gs vs hardware sampler

    Give me your unbias opinions..if thats possible

    Without a GS up and running around here i havent been able to put my hands on and try it out. The alternative, the EMU ultra 4.
    Both end up costing the same to me as i need to house the gs on a separate pc.

    Have there been any regrets out there?

    Will it perform well with loops, drun tracks,


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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    hi john,

    this is not a easy question, but a try to answer:

    If you work library based, e.g. arranging music, scoring and need fast acess to high class instruments, you schould get an GS. The Front end works fine (Load & Play) and fast.
    But If you need to edit sounds (experimental music, dance) and create new ones, I recommend E-4, because the acess to the samples is much faster and you can do really much with the EOS 4! And E-mu has well workung multichannel O˙tputs NOW. The Editing process on GS presently is problematic and works well for library producers like me, but is awful in a music recording/arranging situation

    The Best Combination (and of course very expensive) Is to have both...

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    I had the same choice when buying GS. The akai was no option, because there are so many troubles with it. I liked the EMU a lot, but I ended up choosing GS. Main reasons where the ability to load unlimited length samples (no more looping) and the fact that it is a software. This means that\'s next years version of GS will be much better than the current version.

    One of the things that I do\'n\'t like about GS is it\'s user interface. It is worse than most hardware samplers, and some very important things are missing. Saying that, Nemesys is working on a 2.0 version, listening close to the feedback of GS users. I have a lot of confidents in Nemesys that GS 2.0 will be a totally different thing (in terms of the user interface).

    Summing this al up, I\'m very glad I choose GS. I can create great music with it, and although it is not as fast working as the EMU, it has a lot more features (in terms of sample editing, for which I use wavelab).

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    Thanks for the replies.

    Is the responsiveness ok. Can you trigger
    drums on the giga sampler. Are there any real latency problems that arise?

    Do any of you guys have giga on a separate machine to your sequencer?



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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    I use GS for all my drums and loops. The timing is perfect.
    I think the only way to do it right is to use GS on a seperate computer. I wouldn\'t trust any of the PC sequencers I know (haven\'t tried Logic 4.0 PC though).

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    This might make you think diffrently this was all done on one computer with giga sampler and Cubase Vst.I understand what your saying Joris
    I uploaded two demos by Lac lc Shira.
    these snips were done with GigaSampler and Vst.
    On one computer with 32 tracks of vocals. It can be done everything on one computer.!!!

    check out the readme.txt

    The songs are in the R&B Dance techno etc... section.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    Hey Holger,

    I agree with you that GS is great library sampler, but for sample editing you shoul try Reaktor www.native-instruments.com

    I would like to know your amd other user\'s opinion about it

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    hey vic,

    I checked reaktor demo these days - absolutely great for sound design and the best: It works simultaneously with gigasampler! But you have to knoe reaktor needs very much resources, so you will get 4-6 voices on 44.1 kHz when using medium complex patches. I think presently reaktor is great to create new sounds and record them to your ausiosystem or to simply sample the sounds and play it in gigasampler..

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    Re: gs vs hardware sampler

    Hi Holger,

    Maybe you can compare Reaktor with i.e. Yamaha A3000 or E-mu 4 Ultra.
    What do you think about sound quality of sampler and synths in Reaktor?

    p.s. Gigasampler and Reaktor... what a combo! Man, it\'s time to sell my hardware right away. Giga for libraries and Reaktor for editing and tweaking.

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