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Topic: *my* "capture to wav "problem

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    *my* "capture to wav "problem

    Now it\'s my turn [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] . I have the following problem: Often, but not always, there is a very small latency at the beginning of the wav file that I captured. I\'m using cubase vst and my \"sync\"-regulation is ok I think:
    midi-time clock and nemsis out.
    I realised that when I shut down cubase and \"re\"-open it, the \"cature to wan\"-function works one or two times. And then there is the latency again [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] , so I have to shut down cubase. As this is a bit annoying I\'d greatly appreciate any solutions,
    Thank you in advance
    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Markus.

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    Re: *my* "capture to wav "problem

    I was just wondering if you ever fixed that.

    because now all of a sudden I\'ve got the same problem.

    I don\'t get it, I capture three wave files in a row, import them into cubase tracks, everything is fine, then the fourth one is about 2 beats behind. And no matter how many times I look at the settings they\'re all fine, nothing has changed.

    Just like you said, if I restart cubase and Giga, it all goes smoothly again.

    soooooooo anoying!

    also I\'m wondering if it\'s a problem exclusive to cubase VST. Do the captured wave files sync up better in SX?

    and can you send the start message in the middle of the song (instead of at the beginning everytime) in SX?

    Sync has been the my biggest and ugliest problem with the giga and cubase combo.

    If you resolved it I\'d sure like to know how.



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    Re: *my* "capture to wav "problem

    Hi guys!
    I experienced the same problem two years ago when I did my university honours work. I produced some orchestral pieces, one of them being a part of Mahler Symphony so you can imagine how many tracks it had.... I could not solve the problem technically so I solved it by placing a short note (or click)on each of the MIDI tracks (obviously at exactly same position) and then moved the audiotracks so that the clicks were in sync. I remember there was some fix to sync problems available from someone although I do not know whether it fixed also our problem. I will try to remember how it was called. If I manage I am back here...

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