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Topic: Let us never forget

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    Let us never forget

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    Re: Let us never forget

    of course we shouldnt forget!!

    but Putin Cheney have pretty bad memories already the hypocrites

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    Re: Let us never forget

    Let's not forget non-Jewish victims of genocide

    The 60th commemoration of the Holocaust, which highlights the privations suffered by the Jews during World War 2 as unique and unequalled, is a fallacy that marginalizes the millions who were killed and those who still suffer immensely under the yoke of the victors of World War 2.

    There is a pronounced tendency among Jews in general to portray their sufferings in the past as the ultimate suffering. Zionists have, indeed, in a sense established a monopoly over terms such as "holocaust" and "crime against humanity".

    They keep on reminding the rest of humankind that there was this terrible crime against humanity that has no parallel and no precedent in the annals of human history.

    To speak of a "holocaust" is to single out the Jews from that larger mass of victims of Hitler in a war that cost the lives of more than 60 million men and women. In particular, among the civil population, three million non-Jewish Poles were exterminated, as were more than six million other non-combatant Slavs.

    Is it in the interest of the Jews themselves to be separated from the totality of those who suffered from Hitlerite fascism and fought against it? Why should the dead possess a "sacred" character for only one of the sections of mankind?

    Furthermore, this is grossly unjust to so many of the other victims of "man's inhumanity against man". Wasn't the brutal annihilation of millions of native Indians in the Americas and the Caribbean within 100 years of Columbus's voyage a far greater holocaust? And what was the holocaust that visited the native populations of Australia and New Zealand?

    Isn't the elimination of millions of Africans and Asians during the European slave trade, also an abominable crime against humanity?

    Millions of Africans were killed on our own continent by Leopold II, king of Belgium, in the years between 1885 and 1908. Some 10 million people died in the Congo Free State - victims of one of the modern world's most terrible holocausts. Yet this enormous crime has scarcely penetrated the public consciousness - no memorials, museums or cries of "never again".

    The same United Nations watched idly as a million Rwandans were massacred while the big powers played politics and dithered about sending help.

    Does one not commemorate the brutal massacre of dark-skinned victims? Because so many other people have also suffered a great deal, it is only right that we place the pain of the Jews in the proper perspective.

    Zionists must take cognisance of the words of wisdom expressed by Rabbi Richard E. Singer from the Lakeside Congregation in Illinois, in the U.S., who said: "Jews have suffered, and Christians have suffered. Mankind has suffered. There is no group with a monopoly on suffering and no human beings who have experienced hate and hostility more than any other.

    "I must say, however, that it is my impression that Jewish history has been taught with a whine and whimper rather than with a straightforward acknowledgement that man practises his inhumanity on his fellow human beings."

    Out of this particular emphasis on suffering - a new attitude of vicarious suffering has developed - a feeling has arisen among numbers of Jews today, that because other Jews have suffered and died, they, the living, are somehow entitled to special consideration.

    I would suggest that if there is a genuine desire for learning, healing and catharsis we should establish a Genocide Memorial Day to show that yesterday's victims can become today's perpetrators and vice versa. This opens the door for the recognition that all of us have the potential for such evil and therefore need to make a collective effort to end injustice and hatred, to prevent future genocides.

    (from a newspaper I read, makes one think...)

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    Cool Re: Let us never forget

    Yeah, those Jews had it easy. Bunch of whiners.

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