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Topic: Capture to Wave problem

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    Capture to Wave problem

    When I try to capture an audio file everything appears to working OK (the audio capture syncs to my sequencer and tells me that it\'s recording) but when I stop the sequencer and get the \'audio capture stopped\' message there isn\'t a wav. file anywhere. Gigastudio thinks it has produced one because if I try to repeat the process there is an icon for a file in the relevant folder and it warns me that I am going to overwrite it. But if I try to import the file into Cubase there\'s nothing there (and Windows Explorer can\'t find anything either)

    MY system is:
    P4 2.4GHz
    1024 RAM
    Windows XP
    Echo Mia

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    Re: Capture to Wave problem

    It sounds like a path problem. You think it\'s writing one place (like C:\\My Music), but it\'s writing someplace else (like C:\\Windows\\profiles\\Current User.......\\My Music).

    Try resetting the path that Giga is capturing to. Go to the C: level and go up carefully from there.

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    Re: Capture to Wave problem

    Thanks for the suggestion but I\'ve already tried that. There simply isn\'t a file in existence anywhere on my PC!

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    Re: Capture to Wave problem

    Are you sure you are recording? Do you see \"recording\" written in the cature to wave recorder? If not this is a syncronisation problem. What sequenzer are you using?

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