Make that 3,634. My doctor says that that's about enough. Now, I have to stop posting and start toasting because I'm roasting and my PC is hosting your music in the most thing is I am in need of brain transplant but can't find an argon donor cause falcon1 has taken up all the stops and tied all the tubes on the vibes till the notes morph on the Stradivari with Glen Miller playing on the jazz library from Gary who says he is still adding instruments and wont get around to releasing till I see the doctor who says I don't ever make sense and this guy came into a bar and the bartender says, what it'll be and the guy says he says he goes he says he went he says like he says he went he goes he went he goes......Anyone for 3.635? Styxx around it's coming up!
Should have joined the circus when I had the chance three years ago.

Spell Check.
OK, Check ... C H E K
Dat right Boss?