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Topic: mp3 import in kontakt 2 ?

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    mp3 import in kontakt 2 ?

    i was wondering if kontakt 2 will allow import of mp3 files. Anyone have info on this? Would be nice.

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    Re: mp3 import in kontakt 2 ?

    It doesn't look like it. This is the list from the Native Instruments site:

    GigaStudio™, Akai™ S-1000™/S-3000™, EXS24™, HALion™, MachFive™, AIFF, WAV, .S™, .SND™, .KSF™, SoundFont2™, SampleCell™, REX I & II™, BATTERY 1 & 2™, SDII™, LM4™, Reaktor™, ACID™, Unity™, Apple Loops™, Emu EOS™, ESi™, Roland S-5x, S-7x™, Kurzweil™, Reason NN-XT™, Akai MPC™, Akai S-5000/S-6000™, Pulsar™, Beat Creator™, DR-008™, Ensoniq™, Akai MESA™

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