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Topic: The best I can get?

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    The best I can get?

    Going to buy a PC to use with GPO. Any suggestions on what to buy to not have any problems with clippings, crackles etc. Computer, soundcard, harddrive etc.

    I want to have the possibilty to run a full symphony, together with the new Strad. library + and who knows, some saxes from the big band, without any problems. Is mostly going to work from Finale.

    Come on now all PC-gurus! (Myself a Mackie don´t know a thing
    about PC:s).


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    Re: The best I can get?

    I've always been an intel guy, but I just bought a brand new AMD64 system specifically to run all my synths and soft samplers. It's an Athlon 3500+ with 2 GB RAM on an ASUS A8V Deluxe mobo. 80 gig system drive, 250 gig SATA drive for the samples. I've just started really putting it through its paces over the last couple days, and simply put, it's amazing. MY first AMD system, and it won't be my last.

    Can't wait for XP 64-bit and Sonar 64-bit so I can REALLY see what this thing can do...

    So, to sum up - AMD64 - thumbs up!

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    Re: The best I can get?

    Steve, which Intel processor did you use before this? I would like to go to an AMD 3500 myself and wonder what the performance difference will be. Can you give me some ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: The best I can get?

    Hey, Joseph,

    I used a Carillon AC-1 with a P4 2.0 gHz. I literally just got the Athlon, so I'll do some A/B's this afternoon and give you some numbers.

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    Re: The best I can get?

    I'd appreciate it, thanks Steve. Course, it'll be 300 years before I do anything with my setup the way my finances are going lately.

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    Re: The best I can get?

    I have an Asus A8V-Deluxe with an A64 3000+, and it rocks. I can run almost twice as many GigaPulse instances with it compared to my Athlon 2500+.

    Here's a warning though... Echo cards don't seem to get along with the A8V-Deluxe. My MIA would blue screen the system as soon as the driver loaded. I RMA'd the motherboard and it happened with the replacement as well. I'm now running an Audiophile 192, and it's fine. (My kids get the 2500+ and the MIA. Lucky brats. ) Hopefully Echo will release a new driver, or VIA a new BIOS that will fix the problem soon.

    Steve, what audio card are you running?


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    Re: The best I can get?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Steve, what audio card are you running?

    828mkII. No problems whatsoever...

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    Re: The best I can get?

    Quote Originally Posted by stevegoers
    828mkII. No problems whatsoever...
    Wholly cripes that's a nice audio card by far!

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    Re: The best I can get?

    Anyone knows anything about Prescott 3.0 or 3.4

    Or Pentium 530 or 550?

    ...or Intel 875P Workstation Chipset?

    Have no idea of what these things are.


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    Re: The best I can get?

    I'm a convert from Intel to an AMD Athlon64...very similar to Steve's machine.

    There is quite a bit of discussion on various forums about AMD vs Intel. Try typing the following into Google:

    "Scott Reams" AMD Intel

    with the quotes, and you'll see what I mean. Scott's quite well respected in the SONAR forum for his deep technical knowledge, his experience as a recording engineer, and his musicianship.

    The AMD Athlon64's and Opterons seem to have the edge over Intel in audio recording, according to the benchmarks I've seen. Best to do a bit of reading on this.

    I've got an Athlon64 3200+, K8N Neo with NVIDIA nForce 3 250Gb Chipset, 2GB memory, separate 250GB SATA drive for the audio, an EMU 1820 for sound. Plus a 21" Apple Cinema Display (which has nothing to do with Intel vs AMD), but a good display is one consideration in a DAW, particularly when you consider how much real estate you can eat up when you've got the score up and you're dealing with a number of synth instances.

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