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Topic: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

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    Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

    After working awhile in gigastudio, sometimes I can stop and restart gigastudio with no problems -- other times, the two physical midi ports on my gigastudio computer show up in gray, not their proper green (at the bottom right of the gigastudio screen, next to the tiny midi keyboard, where the eight midi ports show in little boxes 1 to 8).

    When they are grayed-out, no midi comes through. Fixing it is simple, but a little time consuming: I have to re-boot and reload the proper .gsp file.

    I think the gray condition means that the midi port is 'in use' --
    does anyone know how to free a midi port on windows xp??

    This might also be part of Synthnut's problems, I was thinking ...

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    Re: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

    I think I've had this problem before....Is it possible under hardware setup that you have the same MIDI input assigned to more than one port? That's worked for me more than once....

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

    I've never, ever seen this with my Midisport 1x1 or 2x2. What MIDI interface are you using?


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    Re: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

    I have a combination of midi connections, so it might be a little hard to duplicate: m-audio audiophile 24/96, a midisport usb 2x4, a serial midi interface, and a tascam us122. Plus 12 midi ports to two computers over ethernet. But it is the hardward midi ports that get frozen: from a sonar computer with audiophile + midisport to gigastudio computers with audiophile, serial, and tascam us122.

    Possibly this is the culprit: I also send midi time code (from sonar computer to gigastudio computer, where samplitude is also running) over one of the physical midi connections.

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    Re: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?


    Your computer is in MIDI hell! Hopefully you can think of a way to simplify your MIDI connections to your Giga machine. Who knows what conflicts there might be between all of these drivers and buffers. My guess is that some packets are getting out of order or delayed, and that this is confusing the drivers and/or Giga.

    With some combination of MOL, Bidule from Plogue.com (for routing) and a simpler set of hardware interfaces, you should be able to streamline things.

    I now picture you as the MIDI Mad Scientist, with Jacob's Ladders and Tesla Coils arcing behind you.


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    Re: Gray Midi Ports -- freeing an xp midi port?

    I may possibly be a mad scientist ... but the midi is not really as complex as all that. One sequencer computer drives two sampler computers with 8 midi ports each and a hardware synthesizer with one more midi port. I'll admit somewhere within the complexity may be the cause of my midi port lockups. ... But I'm pretty sure that there are no midi loopbacks (having had plenty of problems because of those in the past).

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