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Topic: Giga Studio Levels HELP!!

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    Giga Studio Levels HELP!!

    Hi Please HELP!!!

    I am running ADAT out of my Giga PC into
    my Mac. The problem is that the levels coming
    out of my giga do not come close to clipping
    but in my MAC (cubase) the level is clipping.
    So the levels do not Match up.
    I tried running the ADAT out of my PC into
    my O1V and it also clipped, so I know that it
    is not the MOTU 2408 that is causing the problem.
    I am using the RME ADAT Spdif Card on the PC.
    Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: Giga Studio Levels HELP!!

    This isn\'t uncommon. In GigaStudio just open the DSP Station, click on the Master Tab, and bring the levels down by whatever amount you need on the relevant outputs. I\'ve had to drop levels by as much as -6dB in some cases ...


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    Re: Giga Studio Levels HELP!!

    Thanks for your reply!!
    Glad to know that I am not the
    only one.

    I will try -6 see if that works!

    Thanks again

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