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Topic: Ballance between different groups in the orchestra

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    Question Ballance between different groups in the orchestra


    When use GPO, how do you set the ratio of volume power between different groups in the orchestra? Lets take a string section, as an example, and build the Multi consisting of Violins1 Sus+Short, Violins2 Sus+Short, Violas Sus+Short and Cellos Sus+Short presets. From my experience, to get 'the right' ballance, the volume of Violins should be turned down to -9...12db, Violas can be set as -3..6db and Cellos should be turned up to 0db. When I say the 'right' ballance, I mean a ballance where one can hear all parts played by different groups.

    I write contemporary music where strings are part of an arrangement with drums and synthesizers etc. If I use GPO's presets (strings) as they are, then the loudest group is always Violins. How do you deal with it?
    Was the ratio of volume power between different groups in the orchestra taken in account when GPO was building?
    Could anyone suggest a ballance setting that reflects the true sound of a live orchestra?

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    Re: Ballance between different groups in the orchestra

    The sound of an orchestra is dependent on many factors. The size of the orchestra, the place where it is being heard, the location of the listener, the position of the players, and many other factors. Sometimes violins will all be stage left and sometimes divided. There is no one true sound but the sound will vary.

    Glenn Rudolph has provided a tutorial for those who want to change your location in the audience. This tutorial shows how to get optimal orchestral panning based on different listener positions and usesangle measurements, a table of maximum pan settings and angle conversion factors in this excellent pdf guide. Hope this helps.


    Gary Garritan

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