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Topic: Where is a list of HAL 3 sounds?

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    Where is a list of HAL 3 sounds?

    I'm just discovering samplers, etc. HALion player was just announced, and it looks like a good writing tool since it "comes with the entire HALion 3 library". Funny thing, though, is I'm not finding from steinberg.com, google, KVR, etc, any LIST OR DEMOS OF THE SOUNDS.

    Can anyone help a guy out here? I'm just going to have to go to Kompakt if I can't see/hear/(feel?) what's included for sounds.

    Thank you, and please keep your tar and feathers for someone worthy...

    - Paul

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    Re: Where is a list of HAL 3 sounds?


    I know HALion 3 comes with some VSL, GOS and Scarbee content. (which is orchestral, stings and drums)

    I'm not sure what else is included, but you can't go wrong with the above sounds.
    Lincoln Flesch
    Diva, GPO, GOS, LastLibs Bass, Scarbee's SID, BFD, Post Emperor and the MAG.
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