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Topic: Getting some perspective.

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    Getting some perspective.

    I'm going to the symphony tonight. WooHoo!!! It'll be good to hear the real thing LIVE. I'm affraid it will spoil me, though. Or, maybe it'll just raise my standard of quality

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    Re: Getting some perspective.

    Which orchestra will you be hearing? What's on the program? Let us know what you thought of the pieces and performance!
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    Re: Getting some perspective.

    That is a pretty killer program. Strauss is one of the masters of string writing.
    Rimsky-Korsakov writes very well also and Liszt was a mad man!
    I am unfamiliar with the other piece, but I'm sure it will be good. Nashville always inserts a modern piece in the program with the classics. It helps people to realize that music written now is as good as the 200 year old stuff!

    You will love it.
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: Getting some perspective.

    Sounds like fun! The first time I heard Prokofiev's Symphony No 1 was at my first trip to an orchestra, and now I love the piece, it will always remind me of seeing the symphony live for the first time. Enjoy!
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    Re: Getting some perspective.

    I'm going to Boston Symphony rehersal on Thursday. David Zinman is conducting a new work by Gandolfi, Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 3 (Richard Goode, piano) and Mussorgsky/Ravel Pictures at an exhibition. Should be nice.

    Anyway, there is nothing like live music. I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed by the time you read this).
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Thumbs up Re: Getting some perspective.

    Hey now that is an awesome program, you'll love it!
    I just finished watching PBS "Keeping Score" MTT on Music / Tchackovsky No. 4 in Performance a Behind the scene documentary with Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony! Maestro Thomas was once musical director / conductor for the Buffalo Philharmonic in the late 60' and I believe early 70's. It's been so long since then it's hard to remember. But the one memory I will always keep close is watching Maestro Thomas perform!
    Now, I have to go to the Symphony this weekend!
    If you get a chance to see this program some time in the future, make sure to watch. Maestro Thomas takes you through his preparations of Tchackovsky's No 4 from fist to fourth movement and with individual sections, concertmaster, and principle players! Really and awesome insight on how the symphony orchestra prepares for a concert!
    Have fun at the concert!

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    Re: Getting some perspective.

    Wow, that is a killer program. I love that there is a variety!

    My first trip to the Symphony was Seeing Mahler's Second with the Utah Symphony and Symphony Chorus when I was 10 and with my friend's family - I didn't even particularly like classical music at that age (nor did any of my family) - but when I heard those Basses and Celli runs in the first few bars, I was enthralled till the very end. And that is a LONG symphony.

    Ever since I have been in love with concert music. I try as often as time and money permit to see concerts and help support musicians.

    It is so inspiring.

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