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Topic: Windows 98 and Ram

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    Windows 98 and Ram

    Currently I\'m cunning Gigastudio with 512 Megabytes of Ram on Windows 98. I was told windows 98 can\'t accept more ram than that but this is form the Gigastudio website. It makes it sound like I could upgrade to a gig of ram and not upgrade the operating system... .
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    Q: How much RAM can I load on to my system for Giga to use?

    It is always a good idea to have as much RAM as a) your system supports, and b) you can afford. With the way GigaStudio functions at the kernel level there are however limitations as to what amount of the installed RAM GigaStudio can access at the kernel level of your computer. Windows has put the cap on RAM access at kernel level for 98SE/ME at roughly 1 GB of installed RAM, and 1.5 GB of the installed RAM on an XP/2000 machine.

    Even though GigaStudio has a RAM limit determined by Windows, amounts of installed RAM above what GigaStudio can actually access will help in many other areas of your computer\'s performance.

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    Re: Windows 98 and Ram

    Depending on how old your motherboard is you might also be limited by this. Many of the \"older\" mb\'s are capped at 768 meg of ram anyway. Go to the manufacturers site and check the specs for your board.

    ALso, you can usually upgrade the BIOS to your board and that will quite often allow more ram and a faster cpu to go in.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Windows 98 and Ram

    I have been considering upgrading my memory to 1 gig from 512. I have an ASUS
    CUSL2 motherboard which from what I can tell will only work with 512. Is that correct?

    I\"m a Mac guy so I\'m a little pc ignorant.


    Steve Fawcett
    scf music

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    Re: Windows 98 and Ram

    The CUSL2 only allows 512 MB unfortunately.

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    Re: Windows 98 and Ram

    I just built this computer and the motherboard can handle 2 gigs of ram - so hardware shouldn\'t be the issue - only what windows 98 will limit me to (and gigastudio itself)
    Tom Martin

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    Re: Windows 98 and Ram

    Ram arrived and it is working fine with a gigabyte - thanks for your replies
    Tom Martin

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