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Topic: Key repair?

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    Key repair?

    An F key on my Fatar 880 has stopped working. Pressing the key triggers some MIDI, but obviously not the right one (i.e. no sound when key pressed). And no MIDI (NOTE OFF command) is triggered when releasing the key.

    I have no experience in dismantling keyboards, so before I ruin the whole thing or leave it to the service shop I'd appreciate if anyone more knowledgeble could give some guidelines how to approach this problem.


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    Re: Key repair?

    I'm a do-it-yourselfer, but for this I'd take it to the shop.

    I've opened my Kurweil PC88 (Fatar inside) and found that everything is slid onto long rails. Repairing an outside key would be okay. Inside keys are tough. Later a weight broke on one of the keys, and the whole keyboard had become very squeeky. I had all of the weight assemblys in the keyboard (3) replaced and the battery serviced for about $250. It's nice and quiet now.

    It's hard to say if your problem is mechanical or electrical. If it's a simple repair, they'll find it quickly and charge only a little. If it's a bigger repair, the may have the part in house, and labor will probably be minimal.

    Best of luck...


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    Re: Key repair?

    Thanks, I'll follow your advice and see what the repair shop says.


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