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Topic: Sonar - import wave file - out of memory?

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    Sonar - import wave file - out of memory?

    Just thought I\'d try out Sonar 2.0 and problems already. I\'m sure there\'s a simple solution but I can\'t find it. When I import a wave file saved from Gigastudio into a project template (say 37 meg) Sonar comes up with \"Out of Memory\". Computer\'s a P4 with 700 odd meg of ram - no other programs load, just Sonar. I\'d be grateful for any tips.

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    Re: Sonar - import wave file - out of memory?

    If you are using GS 160 and Sonar XL in ONE machine as I do, my advice here would be to always reboot the computer when you attempt any large file request transfer whether it is imported, exported or even in a mix down of several Audio tracks inside Sonar. Also consider closing Giga Stusio 160 whenever Sonar can be run alone not needing any giga library sounds that have already been captured to wav. (Try this first). If you still have the problem, then I\'d bank on your RAM chips going bad here.
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    Re: Sonar - import wave file - out of memory?

    Thanks for the help Alan, but I found out that I had set the bit depth to 24 in GS settings but not in the Sonar options for driver bit depth and file bit depth.

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