I changed some settings on W2k in order for my computer to boot faster. As a result I get this sign whenever I first open up my sequencer:

SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\VirtualDevice Drivers VDD

Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid

Close - Ignore

When I click on \'Ignore\' my sequencer program opens with no problems, but I want to get rid of this extra step.

I have W2k, Pentium 4, 1.4, 1 gig ram, GS160, an old version of Cakewalk Home Studio and a newer version of Cakewalk Studio 2002.
I rely on the older version of Cakewalk because I am more comfortable with the interface. I don\'t seem to have the problem with the newer version of Cakewalk.

Any suggestions? I don\'t think I can re-install the original version of Cakewalk Home Studio, since it resides on a floppy disc that I have had since 1994. The original program won\'t install from the disk.

Any ideas or suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.