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Topic: Another Congrats to the winners...

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    Another Congrats to the winners...

    Hi Everyone,

    Now that the word is out, I thought I would take a moment, on behalf of all the judges, to thank everyone involved in the competition.

    The process of picking the winners was extremely tough. I think all of the judges were fairly amazed at the quality and sophistication of many of the entries. As a working composer, it also scared me to death to see the talent that could, and should, be out there ;-)

    I want everyone to know that every single entry was considered in its entirety and the list of compositions that were considered as our cumulative final picks significantly surpassed the 20 mentioned. Alas, we had to narrow the field down. The decisions were very tough with many of the judges, myself included, speaking out very strongly in favor of one composition or the other. Just as there was a great deal of passion in the writing, so too was there in the consideration of that writing.

    And so, I applaud everyones efforts and I am greatly looking forward to the recordings and performance of these pieces. Hopefully I will see some of you there.

    All my very best wishes and greatest admiration,

    Andy Brick
    Phone: 917-327-0293
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    Talking Re: Another Congrats to the winners...

    GRAZIE! Thank you so much and a big thank to all the judges who spent their time lissening to the pieces submitted (i submitted one piece).

    I know that know Gary is very busy for the new announcements and so on but I'm really looking forward the demo of these pieces

    thanks again

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    Re: Another Congrats to the winners...

    Hey Andy,
    I think I can speak for everyone who submitted a piece by saying how much we appreciate it. What a job!
    Thanks for sharing the inside scoop on how the judging took place. I am glad that you took every piece and listen to it all. I am so glad the judges didn't give it the old "corporate" listen. (the first 30 seconds of a piece).

    I would never want to be a judge of a contest like this. It would be hard.

    How many judges were there in all?

    Thanks again.

    Jerry Wickham
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    Re: Another Congrats to the winners...

    Well said, Jerry.

    Andy, many thanks to you and to the other judges for the time and care you invested in our music. Cheers!

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    Re: Another Congrats to the winners...

    Petr Pololanik, the conductor and coorganizer for the GPO Orchestration Competition, had this to add:

    Dear collegues,

    As a conductor and coorganizator of the GPO Competition, I am pleased to thank all of you for the time and work you did dedicate to the competition's judgements. The GPO Contest is great idea, it could become a reality thanks to also your help, support and enthusiasm. I believe, GPO awards will help many young, talented musicians to enter the great world of orchestral music and to start their professional carreer in music. Thank you very much for all of them.

    Dear collegues, at the end, please, be heartly welcome for the GPO Gala Concert on March 31, 2005! You can enjoy this exciting event either personally in Olomouc, Czech republic, or just virtually via the live internet broadcast. The concert program is in negotiation, if you may have any suggestion or wishes to the repertoire, please, feel free to contact me.

    Once again, thanks for the participation on the GPO Competition's Panel. See you on the next GPO annuals! Best wishes,

    Petr Pololanik
    Capellen Music Production - The European Film and Pop's Symphony Expert Orchestral music production & recording services, Czech Republic

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