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Topic: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

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    Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

    Does anybody run an Echo 3G with GS3, with the GSIF 2 drivers, on a PC running Window's XP SP-1 ??.....Not an older version of anything ....I would really like to hear from one person who is running EXACTLY what I have listed here successfully .... The only say so I have that it works is from Echo ...I have heard NOTHING from anyone else....I went by Echo's reputation for fixing their drivers in their older gear ....I'm not even sure that this setup will work no matter what I do .... I would surely like to hear from those who are running GS3 and what sound card they are useing , and if they are running Windows XP SP-1 .... I'd like to know just for knowlege sake ....If I don't get this setup sold or running somehow, I will be forced to buy another sound card that I KNOW works with my setup .... ...Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

    I have that exact set-up and have no problems at all. It's running really solid. Double and triple check all your setting. Make sure the pc cable is properly seated in the PCI card and into the break-out box. Ask me more specifics if needed.


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    Re: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?


    I just sent you a PM with my phone number. Call me and we can try to set everything up.

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    Re: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

    Please PM me and send me your phone number if you don't mind....I'd like to check my settings against yours....At this point, you may hold the key to my problems....Please PM me .....Thanks so much ....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

    Does your machine have hyperthreading enabled? GS3 won't even start up if it does (at least on mine.) I'm using the older Gina on it, but the lack of HT capability has become an issue for me, perhaps it's your problem too?
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    Re: Gina 3G with GS3, Winows XP ?

    NO....Hyperthreading was one of the first things I shut off ....I think there may be some sort of support in the update (3.04) but I'm leaving mine off...My Giga is working now, so after all I've been though, I'm leaving well enough alone...I should add here that I have NOT tried Hyperthreading since I upgraded to version 3.04, so it may very well work...I'm not using many applications at all on my machine, so it's not a necessity for me to use it ...Sincerely, Jim

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