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Topic: String Legato Playing

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    String Legato Playing

    I'm just starting to get around in GPO, but I have a couple of questions about legato string playing. I understand the pedal controller, which is MIDI CC64 for me, but I wonder how much the space (or lack of) between the notes affects the legato. It seems that if the notes are separated by just a tiny amount it can disrupt the legato. Is there a separation that won't disrupt the legato, or do the notes need to touch? I also seem to hear a difference in the transition after a long held note and the first short note after. Subsequent notes are fine. I'm not sure if that's me or the software. In the String Tutorial by Danielle (very helpful, BTW) she mentions overlapping notes to give a legato effect. I've tried this and it seems that if the notes are a half step apart I can hear a brief dissonance, but if it's a larger interval it seems like I get a smoother legato with this method. I'm wondering what other users have found on this. So far I really like GPO and I'm looking forward to making lots of music with it.
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    Re: String Legato Playing

    The legato effect is created by eliminating (or using a modified, not sure which) attack envelope when CC64 is "on" (>64 or just 127). If you have a space between the notes, you aren't really in a situation where you would hear legato naturally anyway. But you can mitigate this by keeping the note velocity lower.

    So, once the the legato is activated by CC64 (slightly after the first note in the phrase is the correct placement of the CC64), all subsequent notes are affected, even if there is a space between them, until the CC64 "off" (<64 or just "0") is encountered, preferably following the last note in the phrase.

    You do not need to overlap the notes to get the legato effect, but in certain cases overlapping can impart a bit of realism to the phrase. Overlapping was used with soundfonts to create legato. But GPO is programmed explicitly to produce a natural legato without overlaps.

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