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Topic: 2 things to clarify.....

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    2 things to clarify.....

    What does the icon \'Level 1\' on the main GS screen do? I have the GS LE version and when i click on the button, the message \'You do not have access to this functionality. If you have the component, you must register it with Gigasample before using it\'. I have GS LE version 1.52 and i\'m registered.

    Secondly, how do i get monophonic mode for example if i want to play solo instruments like bass or flute that doesn\'t require polyphonic performance?

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    Re: 2 things to clarify.....

    in the full version you can layer up to 4 GIG´s onto one MIDI channel on 4 Levels. But the function is not very valuable, because you can´t adjust any parameters seperatly for those slots (volume, pan, controllers.

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