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Topic: Giovanni Demos... When?

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    Talking Giovanni Demos... When?


    What is your estimation time-wise regarding the availability of Giovanni demos?

    Looking forward to hearing them!!!

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Giovanni Demos... When?

    Argh....I see the first part of the topic, "Giovanni Demos" and I got all excited.... then I saw the "When?" Hopefully they'll be ready soon.

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    Re: Giovanni Demos... When?

    what the heck is Giovanni? Did I miss a NAMM announcement on Harmony Central?

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    Re: Giovanni Demos... When?

    Giovanni is the boys choir from Bela D Media

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    Re: Giovanni Demos... When?

    Just FYI, it's spelled "Giovani", unless there is a type-o on the Bela D Media site.

    I know I can't wait to hear something from it.
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    Re: Giovanni Demos... When?

    Giovani (with one n) Edition - Voices of the Young

    Not just boys. Girls too.

    Boys ensemble
    Boys chamber
    Solo boy

    Girls ensemble
    Girls chamber
    Solo girl

    More info here. Definitely one to keep an eye out for imo.


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