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Topic: Unloading from memory

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    Unloading from memory

    Just tried loading some new Bigga Gigga Tenor Sax gigs and am getting \"insufficient memory\" messages (I have 384 RAM). Nothing loads but my \"Memory\" indicator (just above the \"CPU\" meter) will say \"35%\" or some such. Another attempt to load takes it up to 70 or so. How do I get myself back to zero? I can\'t \"Unload\" since nothing\'s loaded. How do I empty and get a \"fresh start\" without rebooting...


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    Re: Unloading from memory

    Try the green reset button? - there\'s a drop down arrow next to it with a few filtering choices.

    Are you sure youre unloading them from memory and not simply detaching them from the channel slot?

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    Re: Unloading from memory

    I\'ll try the green reset button. I haven\'t seen one, but then...I haven\'t been looking. Thanks.


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