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Topic: Any day now

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    Any day now

    Hi everyone,

    Here's another pop song featuring GPO:
    Any day now (5 MB)

    The piano and string sections are GPO. Take special notice of the stings solo! Other synths used are Artist Drums, a SampleTank bass plus a motion pad from my Triton, the vocals and guitar are real.

    Tell me what you think!
    Jim Offerman

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    Re: Any day now

    Really nice!

    Singers voice is really good and I love the "big" sound in the chorus. You use of the strings is excellent. The strings solo is great and the drums sound really good.

    The only comment I have is that, to me, the piano being quite far out to the left most of the time sounds a little weird. However, that is an artistic choice more than anything.

    The whole mix also sounds a little muddy on my system. I have good quality hi-fi speakers and a cambridge amp but not a reference system by any standards!

    Good song though and the production is really good.

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    Re: Any day now

    Hello Jim,

    you have done a very good job. Nice song.

    I think sdds_8 is right with the piano. And may be you should give some instruments, especially the real ones, its own frequency room in the mix. But this impression depends upon the speakers and I also do not have reference ones.

    Anyhow I like your song.

    Best reagrds

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    Re: Any day now

    Singers voice is really good
    Ah shucks *blush*
    (the singer is little old me...)

    Thanks for the nice comments guys! I agree that the piano has been moved to far from the center (it sounded okay at the time...). I'll see what I can do with opening frequency room for the various instruments.

    Jim Offerman

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