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Topic: After the completion of the PNAC

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    After the completion of the PNAC

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    Ok lets assume that the PNAC reach's its objective
    Complete world domination run by the corporate narrative

    Where will that leed us?
    Is the corporate narrative the only possible narrative for structuring the world?

    What would a world totally devoid of any narrative outside of what the corporate masters determine be like?

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    Re: After the completion of the PNAC

    Quote Originally Posted by charles
    What would a world totally devoid of any narrative outside of what the corporate masters determine be like?
    They are too greedy and short-sighted to realize it but your answer is “Bad for Business”.

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    Re: After the completion of the PNAC

    It's impossible for them to achieve it, and their escalated attempts will leave us broke and unable to hold on to the empire we have now. It'll also result in many 9/11 events, the end of civil rights as we know them...all the things that are well under way right now.

    ...to say nothing of all the people who get killed or worse along the way.

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    Re: After the completion of the PNAC

    I'm both glad and sad to say that Nick is probably right. Glad because I can't, realistically, see any way that the PNAC agenda can succeed. The world is too big a place, with too many people wanting to hold on to their own cultures and self-empowerment. I suspect it's only their supreme simple-mindedness and arrogance that makes them even think it can succeed, because they completely fail to see that other cultures and social systems might be just as valid as their own, and instead just presume that everybody will welcome the Americanization of the world with open arms.

    So far they have been able to take advantage of the fact that the rest of the world is not a unified, homogenous entity, so has not united in action against them. But they have had to work hard at this, for example by using Tony Blair as a foil against dissent in Europe. They are playing a dangerous game, because more and more, one of the few things that DOES unite the rest of the world is anti-americanism. The more dishonest and aggressive their behaviour becomes, the more that sense of unity will grow.

    As one example, look at the case of Islam and the western liberal intelligentsia. In many ways, these ought to be poles apart. Islam is a religion that still has a huge, active and outspoken fundamentalist base, and even many moderate muslims have attitudes towards women and personal freedom that one would expect to outrage western liberals. But on the contrary, here in the UK at least, the two factions are constantly rubbing shoulders and finding themselves caught up in the same social developments. Why? Because they both hate George Bush and will do anything they can to stop him.

    "Divide and conquer" is one of the oldest adages of military strategy. But the worse the Bush administration become, the more the rest of the world finds connection and unity, not division. Maybe Bush has been fooled by the fact that it's been so easy to divide many Americans from the people of the Middle East, through the subtle racism and not so subtle lies in how events are reported. And maybe, because Blair has been so compliant, he genuinely doesn't realize how much this is not working on the people of the UK and Europe. Maybe he's so stupid he doesn't see any of this, or maybe he sees it and doesn't care, knowing full well that by the time he's irreversibly screwed America's standing in the world, he and his mates will have made enough money out of it to make it worthwhile.

    And sad, because I think Nick is also right that this will bankrupt America and utterly ruin its social and political fabric. And that will hurt a lot of good people who don't deserve it, as well as having huge economic implications for the rest of the world.

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